Registration & Indentification Procedures

    • The process for identifying service needs for all students in HHSD begins during the registration process. Screening for English Learners occurs through the inclusion of a home language survey form in the registration packet. Families are provided with the home language survey document in the language they prefer. 

      The Hatboro-Horsham School District Registration Office registers students to the district including: 

      • Collecting a Home Language Survey from each family during the registration process using a form in the preferred language of the parent. 
      • TransPerfect is contacted and used to translate the registration conversation as needed by registration office staff.
      • For any student indicating another language is spoken in the home, the Registration Office sends a copy of the Home Language Survey to the ESL teacher at the appropriate building. 

      ESL teachers manage the screening process for ELs new to the district including: 

      • ESL teachers complete the parent interview to determine whether the WIDA Screener is needed and to identify the preferred language for communicating with the parent.
      • ESL teachers develop a screening schedule and screen students using the WIDA Screener, or for transfer students, contact sending school districts to obtain prior WIDA ACCESS results.
      • ESL teachers recommend the level of services based on WIDA Screener and information available for transfer students.
      • The screening information is placed in the cum folder for students who do not qualify for services.
      • ESL teachers confer with classroom and contact teachers about the results of the WIDA Screener assessment.
      • Teachers of students qualifying for LIEP services receive a report of screening results, or WIDA ACCESS scores from the previous year, along with copies of the Can-Do Descriptors.
      • ESL teachers enter student updates into the student database (Power School).  
      • Elementary ESL teachers plan a schedule for service delivery with homeroom teachers and principals.
      • ESL teachers compile a roster of ELs, including initial and continuing program needs and program types.
      • The Curriculum Office mails letters to parents with LIEP program information and contact information for the opt-out process. 

      Letters used by HHSD to communicate qualifying information for ELs. The letters have been obtained through WIDA and modified to correspond with our program needs.

      • ACCESS for ELLs Score Report Letter
      • Program Exit Letter
      • District Legal Obligations to Provide an ELD Program Letter 
      • Notice of Program Placement Form
      • Parental Waiver Form 
      • Explanation of Consequences for Refusing English Learner Service
      • Parental Reinstatement Request Form