Hatboro-Horsham School Visitor Sign In Procedure


     PURPOSE: To avoid incidents of consequence by controlling the flow of visitors, parents, vendors and guests within our classroom buildings and hallways. A secondary but equally important purpose is to document who is in our buildings if there is a catastrophic event.

    RATIONALE: All of the schools and buildings within the Hatboro-Horsham School District are important places. These buildings house our most precious commodity, the children of Hatboro and Horsham. In order to maintain the level of safety that the School District has enjoyed, a decision has been made to control the flow of visitors in all of our buildings and document the specific location visited.

    PROCEDURE: Each building has signs posted at the entrance noting that all visitors, including School District employees from other buildings, parents, vendors, and guests must be signed in before entering. Listed below are the proper procedures:

    • The visitor will go to the building lobby area and locate either the sign-in kiosk (HHSD Elementary/Middle School) or the visitor's check-in window (Hatboro-Horsham High School).  The visitor will use the electronic Visitor Sign-In System (Easy Lobby) to sign-in (printed directions are at the kiosk) or the check-in window security person will assist the visitor with the sign-in procedure.  This procedure will require either a Photo Driver's License or another form of government issued photo-identification that includes the visitor's date of birth.  If the visitor does not have acceptable photo-identification, an administrator must approve the visit.School District employees from other buildings must show their school ID.


    • If the Visitor Sign-In System grants access, the visitor will be permitted to enter the building.  The visitor must go directly to the building's main office and state their reason for visiting.  If the stated reason is valid as prescribed in the handbook, the visitor will receive a visitor's badge.District employees from another building must notify the main office that they are in the building.


    •   Identification badge contains the visitors full name, the date, their destination within the building, their photograph and an authorized signature. The badge must be displayed and worn (outer most article of clothing) at all times while in the building.


    • Upon leaving the building, the visitor must return to the main office and hand in the badge.   The main office will remove the  visitor from the Visitor Sign-In System.