Hatboro-Horsham School Visitor Sign In Procedure


    PURPOSE: To avoid incidents of consequence by controlling the flow of visitors, parents, vendors and guests within our classroom buildings and hallways. A secondary but equally important purpose is to document who is in our buildings if there is a catastrophic event.

    RATIONALE: All of the schools and buildings within the Hatboro-Horsham School District are important places. These buildings house our most precious commodity, the children of Hatboro and Horsham. In order to maintain the level of safety that the School District has enjoyed, a decision has been made to control the flow of visitors in all of our buildings and document the specific location visited.

    PROCEDURE: Each building has signs posted at main entrances noting that all visitors, including HHSD employees from other buildings, parents, vendors, and guests must sign-in before entering. Listed below are the proper procedures:

    Upon arriving at an HHSD school, the visitor should use the school building’s wall mounted intercom system. The intercom is located near the building’s main front door. The intercom allows the visitor to communicate with the main office staff. The visitor should state the reason for wanting to enter the building. If the reason is valid, as prescribed in the school’s handbook, the visitor will be buzzed into the vestibule. Once in the vestibule, the visitor should proceed to the check-in window and/or the building’s main office. At the window, or in the office, the visitor will present their valid photo driver’s license or other form of government photo-identification that lists the visitors’ date of birth. The visitor’s information will be run through the district’s electronic Visitor Sign-In System (Raptor). If the Visitor Sign-In System grants access, the visitor will be issued an identification badge/sticker. The bade/sticker contains the visitors full name, the date, their destination within the building, and their ID photograph. The badge must always be displayed on the outer most article of clothing. The visitor will then be permitted to enter the main building. 

     If a visitor does not have acceptable photo-identification, an administrator must approve the visit. School district employees from other buildings and pre-approved volunteers must check in at the main office, and show/wear their district issued ID.

     Upon leaving the building, the visitor must return to the main office and hand in the badge. The main office will remove the visitor from the Visitor Sign-In System.

    Parents/ guardians always have access to the school to discuss, without delay, problems needing immediate attention. Forgotten money, lunches, books, etc. should be left at the office; and your child should come to the office for the item you leave for them. The office is not required to contact the student.

    NOTE: Unscheduled visitations result in interruptions to the school education program and create a potential liability issue. Unauthorized visitors are not permitted on school grounds during regular school hours and may be subject to legal prosecution. Students are requested not to bring guests to school.