High School Travel Guidelines

    1. Purpose

                Travel for students in grade 9-12 will be considered for the following reasons:

    1. Foreign travel for district courses
    2. Field trips which are part of the curriculum
    3. Travel for musical or other performances and/or adjudication
    4. Travel for athletic competition outside of the normal athletic schedule
    5. Travel for recreational or cultural activities that are part of approved student clubs.


    1. Delegation of Responsibility

                The teacher, adviser, or coach of the sponsoring organization must submit a written request to the school principal or designee at least 120 days before the proposed trip.  The written request must include:

    1. The purpose of the trip
    2. Procedures for funding the trip
    3. Approximate number of students participating in the trip
    4. Estimated out of pocket cost per individual student
    5. Tentative trip itinerary with possible dates and times
    6. Arrangements for chaperones
    7. Other information as requested by the administration or Board.


    The principal may grant final approval without Board action for field trips that conform to the following guidelines:

    1. Subject and purpose of the trip are directly related to the subject area being taught, or to the activity in which those taking the trip are participants.
    2. The field trip is a one-day trip within a reasonable time frame of the normal school day.


    Major trips must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee, with the recommendation of the building Principal.

    A major trip shall be defined as one having any one or a combination of these factors:

    1. Trip requires students to be away from the community overnight
    2. Trip places demands on the time and energies of members in conducting major fundraising.
    3. Trip includes other factors that in the opinion of the Superintendent characterize a trip that goes beyond an ordinary trip.


    Teacher/Chaperone Responsibilities:

     A minimum of one (1) district staff member shall be required to accompany students.  One (1) adult chaperone for every fifteen (15) students shall be provided.  Each of the chaperones shall have Act 34 and Act 151 clearances.  Chaperones are responsible for the health and welfare of student while participating in an extended trip and must be prepared to take action in the event of an emergency.  Therefore, alcohol consumption by chaperones or any participant at any time during the trip is prohibited.


    1. The teacher/chaperone is responsible for administrating and supervising the proper behavior of his/her students or athletes.
    2. The teacher/chaperone is responsible for administrating and supervising the rules and proper conduct of the District.
    3. The teacher/chaperone will at all times accompany students to sites arranged for visitations (amusement parks, museums, castles, etc.)
    4. The teacher/chaperone will be present at nighttime activities.
    5. Provisions shall be made for all-night supervision of the hotel area in which students are staying.Nightly bed checks shall be conducted at designated times.
    6. The teacher/chaperone is responsible for having a list of parents names, addresses and telephone numbers in case of emergency.


    1. Guidelines

                All trips must comply with the following guidelines:

                1.The trip must be one for which the school districts insurance carrier will insure the school district, its agents, employees, servants, and chaperones from liability for any negligent act or omission under the policies of the district then in effect.

    1. Written permission for students to participate in trips must be obtained from the parents or guardians.Parent of all students involved in overnight trips must attend an orientation session where trip details, regulations, and school policies are discussed.
    2. Overnight trips are to be scheduled so the maximum number of school days students miss is limited to two. Requests of this nature from sports teams, musical organizations or student clubs will be considered every three years(the three year parameter will provide all participants with an opportunity to travel while a member of the group during his/her 10th, 11th or 12th grade year). A group may request permission more frequently than every third year, if the request does not involve the loss of any school days.
    3. Requests for participation in organized tournaments or competitions are to be limited to the varsity level of any given team.
    4. All school rules, regulations, and policies shall be in effect during any student trips.