Athletic Team Tryout Checklist

  • 1. Contact the coach of your team you wish to try out for. Check the team webpage for contact information and additional information. Also attend the team informational meeting. Individual team information can be found on the team site.

    2. Complete all your PIAA Physical requirements online. Follow this link for more details:

    If a student is playing a second or third sport in the same school year, the student will need to submit a Section 7 form each time before trying out for/playing a new sport. If the student was injured during the previous season and didn't finish the season or the student was injured after the season and was treated by a physician, the student will also need to submit a Section 8 form. Section 8 forms are completed by a physician. Forms can be found in the same tab along with the physical forms. These forms should also be submitted a week before the start of tryouts. 

    2023-2024 School Year

    Fall Sports -  Football heat acclimatization and Golf Starts - August 7, 2023   

    Paperwork Due July 31st 2023 Deadline extended to August 4th at Noon Sharp


    All other fall sports start - August 14, 2023 

    Paperwork Due August 7th, 2023 Deadline extended to August 11th at Noon Sharp  


    Winter Sports Start - November 17, 2023     

    Paperwork Due  November 10th, 2023 


    Spring Sports Start - March 4, 2024     

    Paperwork Due February 26th 2024    Deadline extended to March 1st at Noon sharp


    3. Make sure you complete the ImPact test (if your sport requires.) Check with the Athletic Trainer for details.

    Click on the ImPact Testing tab on the left for more information. 

    4. Attend the first day of tryouts. Check with your coach for information. Do not schedule vacations during preseason tryouts and the season. You will lose your ability to try out. 

    5. If you played a sport in the same SCHOOL year, then you will need to submit a Section 7 form before beginning a new sport. If the athlete ends the season injured or was injured after the season ends, then they will need to fill out a Section 8 form as well. These forms can also be found under the same physical forms tab to the left.