Health & P.E.

    5 A Day Home Page

    expands on "5 A Day Adventures" CD-ROM / comprehensive resource to students & teachers / education on-line tool/nutrition education curricular activities


    Awesome Library:  Health & P.E.

    find information on health, nutrition, sports, etc./lesson plans for K-12

    Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

    stresses importance of bicycle safety / consumer guide to good helmets



    This site provides web space, access, and support to improve the information and services available to the Downs syndrome community.


    Games Kids Play

    official rules of 38 elementary school games


    Heart, The: An Online Exploration

    take a virtual tour exploring the heart's development and structure / learn how to have a healthy heart


    Kid Safety on the Internet

    a question and answer format for young students to help them learn to protect themselves and handle emergencies


    Kids Health Organization

    excellent info about children's health for parents as well as teachers


    LD Online's Kid Zone

    a special place where learning disabled students of all ages can play and learn


    Nutrition Exploratoins

    The fun and easy way to teach and learn nutrition.  Includes recipes, tips, and games.

    Shape Up America

    promotes healthy weight and physical activity/tons of educational info and tips about the benefits of staying in shape


    Sports Illustrated for Kids

    packed with sports information and activities for students

Last Modified on November 10, 2003