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    The Hatboro-Horsham School District Partners in Education program is an enterprising initiative that encourages businesses and community organizations to support public education in the Hatboro and Horsham communities.  Partnerships are dynamic, innovative, mutually beneficial, and contribute significantly to educating students and preparing them to be successful in the global marketplace.

    Why Become a Partner with HHSD?

    Becoming a Partner in Education is an opportunity for the academic and business community to unite in a way that enhances the learning environment for students. Resources offered by businesses and community organizations (volunteers, funding, equipment, materials, internships, assistance with special needs and more) positively impact student achievement.

    As a Partner in Education with Hatboro-Horsham School District, you can help prepare today's students to become tomorrow's responsible, accomplished, and self-confident leaders. Your participation will also help forge the type of employees your company desires and needs. Your commitment to student achievement provides a community-minded model for our future adults.

    Partnerships are mutually advantageous relationships providing benefits to the students, school, and partner.

    Sample Videos:

    Benefits to the Students and School District:

    • Student development is strengthened due to exposure to positive community role models
    • Students have opportunities to explore various careers through job shadowing, mentoring, and internships
    • Teachers have opportunities to explore new technologies in the business world
    • Stronger understanding and articulation of the value and expectations of schools for the corporate community
    • Rigorous and more relevant curriculum as a result of “real life” workplace exploration

    Benefits to the Partner and Business Community:

    • A deeper understanding of the value of the community’s educational system, while learning more about the challenges and successes of public education
    • Needs of businesses and the community demonstrated and communicated to educators and students
    • Partner provides an active role in assisting students to achieve
    • Opportunity to transfer knowledge and skills to next generation
    • Students increase awareness and gain better understanding of needed careers and requirements
    • Educators are informed about the critical skills needed in the workforce and can work to develop those skills in students

    How Do Partnerships Work?

    Every HHSD school is in partnership with its community. Partnerships can be any size and help the school through whatever resources are available to them. The usual steps for forming partnerships are:

        1. Identify your group’s/company’s resources and/or areas of expertise that may be shared with a school or the District.
        2. Complete the School-Community Partnership Interest Form and contact the Community Outreach Office at 215-420-5561 to discuss your interests
        3. We will offer suggestions for partnership activities and for matching your group/business with an appropriate school/department
        4. Meet to discuss school’s needs and Partner interest
        5. Proposal of partnership activities will be reviewed and consensus reached by Partner and the District
        6. Company liaison is selected and responsible for coordinating the partnership with the District
        7. Orientation program developed
        8. Regular updates provided by the school
        9. End-of-year evaluation of the partnership completed by Partner 

    What Partnership Activities are Needed?


    Partnerships may provide resources and curriculum-based opportunities to students, staff, and parents. These programs allow businesses and community members to connect schools with resources providing literacy, math, social studies, finance, the arts, science, health and physical education experiences and more to students. Below is a list of a few of the many partnership opportunities throughout the district. 

        • Increase Academic Achievement – read to students, tutor, mentor, provide technical expertise, display student work
        • Enhance the Learning Environment – provide time for employees to volunteer, field trips, company tours
        • Career Awareness/Enrichment – offer job shadowing, internships, career day, community-based learning opportunities
        • Speakers - role models, career resources
        • Sponsor incentive or recognition programs for students or teachers
        • Host meetings or special events
        • Donations - in-kind services and funding for programs, instructional materials, school improvements, and special events
        • Enrichment - contest judging, staff development, special events
        • Your Experience and Your Vision – Advisory Council members

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Partner in Education to help support public education in the Hatboro-Horsham School District.


    Partners in Education “Wall of Fame” 

      • Hatboro Federal Savings Bank
      • Charles Schwab Horsham Independent Branch
      • Club Z In-Home Tutoring
      • Rainbow International Restoration
      • FastSigns Montgomeryville-Doylestown
      • Bravo Cucina Italiana
      • Fred Beans Family of Dealerships
      • Beneficial Bank
      • EI Associates