Stop Arm Camera Campaign

  • Stop-Arm Camera Campaign - Stop on Red! Kids Ahead!

    When your child gets on and off the school you want to know they're safe. 

    Keeping children safe is of upmost importance to all of us.  The most dangerous part of a student's day is loading and unloading the bus.   Stopped school buses are passed every day and it's frightening.  As watchful as bus driver's try to be, it only takes a moment for kids to be placed at risk by drivers ignoring the stop-arm of the bus.  Together, let's put a stop to drivers who disobey the law placing students' lives in danger.

    The goal of the District is to purchase 10 cameras and 60 brackets. Collaborating with Horsham and Hatboro Police Departments cameras will initially be placed in high profile routes.   A bracket will be mounted on each bus in the fleet of approximately 60 vehicles and cameras will be rotated throughout all bus routes.  

    Violators will be captured on video by strategically placed camera lenses capturing the approach of the vehicle, side view of the driver, vehicle as it passes and record the date and time of the occurrence.  All video copy will be reviewed by our police departments to determine any violation.

    Together, we can create a safer commute for our children. 

    Hatboro-Horsham Provides tansportation for:

    • 4116 Public School Students
    • 685 Private School Students
    • 43 Private Schools

    Keep yourself educated on PA's bus safety laws: 

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Stop Arm Campaign Video