• Classroom Expectations                                                                                 Deutschland

    1.  Use respectful words and considerate actions.

    2.  Cooperatively work and share with one another.  (time, ideas, and materials)

    3.  Do your personal best.


    Classroom Procedures

    1.  Beginning of Class

    §         Have your notebook open, look at the board, and begin working on any assignment listed upon entering the room. 

    §         Turn in homework before the bell rings.

    §         Promptly begin the warm-up activity.  Check the board or the overhead for instructions.

    2.  Time

    §         Arrive to class on time.  Being late requires a pass.

    §         Meet deadlines.  Hand in work on time.

    §         Make timely transitions from activity to activity, following the directions the first time they are given.

    3.  Lavatory and Water Fountain

    §        Ask me to use the restroom or to get a drink.  Don’t take it personally if your request is declined at that particular moment.  You may just need to wait for a more opportune time.  Use the bathroom and get a drink prior to the beginning of class.  Check in with me before the bell to get a pass to avoid being marked late and to hand in homework before using the lavatory and/or getting a drink. 

    §        While food is not permitted in class unless directed by me, you may always have water.

    §        Take care of your personal grooming needs in the lavatory.  (hair and make-up, perfume/body spray, etc.)

    4.  Necessary Materials for Class

    §         Bring all textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, assignments, pens, and pencils to class daily.

    §         You must have a notebook specifically for German class. 

    §         Textbooks must be covered at all times. 

    §         All materials must be in class to count as being present.  Leaving class to retrieve these materials is not an option.  Don’t take it personally. 

    5.  Homework

    §         Do your homework.  Homework must be 100% completed to receive full credit for the assignment.

    §         Upon entering class, all homework must be dropped off in the In-Box located on my desk.  Homework that is not placed in the In-Box before the bell rings will be marked as late and will have points deducted.  If you are late to class without a pass, points will be deducted from your homework.

    §         If you are absent, put all make-up work in the In-Box.

    §         Homework that is not turned in on its due date will receive a zero.

    6.  Absences

    §         All work (class work, homework, tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, etc.) must be made up within time equal to the amount of days absent.  See me to schedule a time to come in.  Work not made up becomes a zero.  Long-term assignments (like a project) that are due on the day you are absent must be turned in during the beginning of class the day you return to school or it will be marked late.

    §         Ask a reliable classmate to borrow his/her notes.  Copy all notes during directed study, at the end of class if time permits, or at home. 

    §         Missed work will be found in the assigned folder on the shelf by the door.

    §         If you know you are going to be out of class, please give me advanced notice (a few days for school functions, at least a week for a family trip, etc).

    7.  Seats

    §         Sit in your assigned seat daily.

    §         Remain seated unless given permission to move/go to another area.  (even at the end of class)

    §         Wait till the end of class to get up and throw away trash or to punch holes in handouts.

    8.  Classroom Environment

    §        Return all borrowed materials (art supplies, dictionaries, books, etc.) and desks to their proper places.

    §        Clean up your personal space before leaving.  (pieces of paper, water bottles, supplies, etc.)

    §         If you see a wrapper, water bottle, or paper on the floor in the classroom, pick it up and throw it out.  Take pride in your classroom.

    9.  Grades

    §        Grades are based on a point accumulation of assessments (homework, projects, tests, quizzes, presentations, participation, class preparation, etc.) throughout each marking period.  Grades will be entered on a weekly basis.  Homework and class participation grades will be entered as separate cumulative grades for the week.

    §         Keep track of your grades.  Grades may be discussed at the end of the period or during extra help if I am not teaching during that time.

    §         The final exam must be taken to receive credit for the course.

    §         A final average of a 73% is required to progress level 2.  A final average of a 75% or higher is needed to go on to level 3.  A final average of 73% or higher is necessary to move on to level 4.