• District Mission, Vision, and Value Statements


    District Mission

     The School District of Hatboro-Horsham will prepare and challenge all students to excel academically and to develop social skills and creativity by providing exemplary and innovative educational programs through a supportive collaboration of educators, students, parents, and community.


     Hatboro-Horsham School District is comprised of a cohesive, supportive group of dedicated staff, students, parents, and community members united in our commitment to pursue excellence in education. We intend to realize our highest potential as an educational community by setting clear, measurable goals, employing best practices, engaging in effective communication, and utilizing resources wisely. We will use our successes as a catalyst for future growth, change, and improvement.

    Value Statements

     We believe an excellent education
    Occurs in a safe and healthy school environment.
    Includes the basics and beyond, teaching students the knowledge, problem solving, and authentic skills required for success in life.
    Creates a culture of high expectations that fosters individual responsibility and coordinated effort for all members of the learning process.
    Encourages and embraces individuality, diversity, and creativity in the classroom and school community.
    Effectively prepares and utilizes all support staff.

    We believe exemplary curriculum is
    Aligned with state, national, and global standards and embraces ever-changing technological demands.
    Challenging and relevant at all grade levels and for all levels of student ability.
    Research based and aligned from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    We believe outstanding instruction
    Is guided by meaningful data and assessments.
    Promotes active and continued participation in the learning process for all students.
    Promotes higher order thinking skills and meets the diverse needs and abilities of all learners.