• Digital Photography I      Semester 1 2016-17 School Year

    Mrs. Pasko


    Welcome! This course is jammed pack with lots of interesting and challenging information about both digital and traditional photography.



    Room: F130

    Times:  Period 2 & 4 Red days    Period 5 Black days  


    HATS period3A & B room F130

    *Students must use the HATS portal to sign up for extra help.



    In this course students will:

    * Learn the essentials of digital photography, camera operation , and photo composition

    * Produce quality digital/multi media images using Adobe Photoshop CS5, iPhoto, Photobooth and iMovie.

    * Demonstrate proper use and care of computer/camera equipment & materials

    * Digital video techniques using Apple iMAC COMPUTERS!!  **This course is MAC based!



    A majority of planning and picture-taking will be accomplished outside of class.  This gives you more flexibility and freedom to take photos of subject matter that interests you!  Within the school environment it is difficult to focus and concentrate on taking quality photos. If absolutely necessary, directed study, study hall, or lunch time may be used for picture-taking.  Class time is reserved primarily for computer and darkroom work time as well as group photo shoots.

    **Assignments are checked on set due dates and must be completed by that date to receive full credit!

    Failure to complete homework assignments dramatically effects your overall grade.


    PROJECTS & CLASS ASSIGNMENTS:  A large percentage of your grade will come from these two areas.  Due to the limited space in the computer and darkroom area, you must use the complete period to work on assignments!  Work groups will be set up and you will be assigned equipment to use each period. 


    * QUIZZES:

    (This course contains a lot of technical information that YOU MUST KNOW in order to work productively in the lab and with the equipment.)

    QUIZZES will be given weekly!! 5-10 questions based upon the skills or applications learned within the time period.


     DUE DATES are posted when assignments are given and repeated daily!  It is your responsibility to keep track of when your work is due and making sure it is turned in on time!! Make-up work will be accepted with the green excuse card presented.  Points willbe deducted for late work AND work not placed in the proper place!!

    Projects are worth 100 pts 

    Class assignments are worth 20-50 pts

    Homework 10-20 pts



    CLASS WORK & PARTICIPATION:  Your positive attitude & interest in this course should be displayed by appropriate actions and behavior during class.  Unwillingness to work with others, failure to listen to instructions, talk and fool around at inappropriate times, or misuse of equipment in this lab, are all situations that will have a negative effect on your grade.  Repeated warnings about any of the above will result in both parental and administrative involvement.
    **You must bring your camera to class every class day!! Points will be deducted for

    class unpreparedness if forgotten!



    -NO FOOD OR DRINK at the computers.


    -The computers are for digital photo work only! NO GAMES, NO EMAIL,

      NO SURFING! STRONGLY ENFORCED!  Students found downloading material will be  reported & computer privileges will be revoked!


    -Students must clean up after themselves!  Abuse of any equipment will not be tolerated.


    -Students leaving the classroom must ask permission and carry a pass.


    -VERY IMPORTANT! PARENTS and STUDENTS must be aware that all students must sign a release form when signing out equipment that states that you are fully responsible for any damage done to school equipment while it is in your possession.  That includes theft or damage done by a friend. This also applies to use of school equipment while in the building.



    -Notebook or folder for handouts.


    -HIGHLY ENCOURAGED: Digital camera!!!

    There are not enough school cameras for all the students. Using a camera from home will allow you to get your work done independently.

    ** A memory card of 2G OR Greater is helpful to hold all the photos taken during the course.  See Mrs. Pasko for great deals on cards.


    -Lab fee of $5 to cover the cost of individual supplies that you will need to complete the assignments in the course.  This includes film and photo paper (darkroom & printer)


    ** Flash Drive or some type of PORTABLE STORAGE DEVICE:  In order to transport and save photos in a more secure place then on the desktop of the computers.  We will place a bulk order for flash drives at the beginning of the semester to get a cheap price on them.


    ASK FOR EXTRA HELP/ WORK TIME AFTER SCHOOL: whenever you need it!  No question or concern is ever too small.  Make arrangements a day before just to make sure Mrs. Pasko will be available. 


    PARENTS:  If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to call or email me; SCHOOL # 215-420-5666 Email: hpasko@hatboro-horsham.org

    -Access course information on my teacher website on the District webpage




    All of us are watchers-of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway- but few of us are observers.  Everyone is looking, not many are seeing.






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    Although, many times email is the most efficient means of communication for both teacher and parent, phone calls or conferences may be necessary for the clearest understanding of a situation.  If you ever need additional clarification, please just ask.