• 9th Grade Digital Photography Syllabus:
    Semester 1, 2016-17
    Instructor: Mrs Pasko    Rm. F-130 

    "Photography makes you see the world rather than just look at it." - Unknown

    Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. - Ansel Adams (famous 20th-century photographer and environmentalist)

    Welcome to 9th Grade Digital Photography! This is a fun and interesting ½ credit course that teaches valuable technology and photography skills. The goal of the course is to inspire you to experience our world differently through photographs. You will learn the essentials of traditional and digital photography, learn how to properly use a digital camera and related equipment, and produce various digital images based on your own photos using Adobe Photoshop and other related computer programs.


    Room: F130

    Times:  Period 1, 2 and 5 Black days    

    *Students must make arrangements in advance to work in the computer lab during 3rd period.  The computers/darkroom will be utilized most of the day by classes.  Please make arrangements to work after school a day in advance. 


    · Digital Camera- Either your own, or one that you've borrowed from someone. If you cannot obtain one, you may use school-owned cameras in school only.
    **There are a limited amount of cameras to sign out.  They will be reserved for students who have no access to their own camera.

    · Rechargeable Batteries- For your digital camera. Regular batteries are very expensive and do not last long. Your camera must be charged when you come to class each day.

    · CDs or USB Disk- This is to store all of your projects, and you are encouraged to save all work you do in class. Your photos will be deleted from the Mac computers monthly to save space, so make sure you save your pictures!!!

    · Notebook/ Binder- You will need some sort of notebook / sketchbook / or binder for all class notes, course handouts, and project information. This will be checked every few weeks by the teacher

    -If a student is not prepared for class, points may be lost.


    In-Class Assignments (10-30 points)

    If a student has an excused absence, it is his/her responsibility to make up all missed assignments outside of class time.

    Major Projects (50-100 points)

    Projects will involve the use of Adobe Photoshop in class. Students will be given some class time to take photos for these projects, but may also be expected to take photos outside of class, or at home (if possible). If a student is unable to take photos at home, it is his/her responsibility to see the teacher for extra time after school or during directed study to take photos.

    · May be turned in no later than a month past the due date for partial credit. For each class period past the due date, one grade level will be deducted.

    Homework Assignments (points vary)

    Usually involves Internet research, brainstorming ideas for photos, and taking photographs for projects.

    · May be turned in up to a week past the due date for ½ credit, then becomes a zero

    Participation (per class period)

    Students must participate in classroom critiques and discussion. Failure to do so may result in loss of points for the day. Doing other work during class, lack of respect for teacher and peers, or ongoing discipline problems may result in loss of points. Ongoing discipline issues such as fooling around, misuse of equipment, and failure to listen and follow instructions can result in both parental and administrative involvement.


    1. The F-130 computer lab is for digital photography work only! Once the bell rings, all students should be in their seats ready to get to work. If homework for other classes is being worked on, the teacher will take it.

    2. Each student will be assigned a computer for the semester. The computers are for class work only. NO GAMES, PERSONAL EMAIL, INTERNET SURFING, YOUTUBE, etc. STRONGLY ENFORCED! Students caught downloading material or breaking computer rules will be reported and computer privileges will be revoked!

    3. Save all work in your desktop folder. Do not go into other students folders at any time.

    4. Be in your seat once the bell rings. If you need to use the bathroom, either do it in the 5 minutes before class starts, or wait until everyone is working and there are no instructions being given.

    5. All students will remain seated at computers and working until the dismissal bell.

    6. Come to class on time! Three (3) latenesses to class will result in a teacher detention. Four (4) or more will result in disciplinary action by the principle.

    7. Class time is precious and should not be wasted! Because most of you do not have the necessary computer programs at home, it is very important to be in class and utilize the entire period! If the entire class period is not utilized, there will be a reduction of your participation grade.

    8. Be constructive, not cruel! During critiques, constructive criticism is encouraged, but must not be used in a matter that will offend other classmates.

    9. Profanity, pornography, drug inferences/paraphernalia, satanic/cult illustrations and other questionable subject matter will NOT be tolerated in your photos or artwork that you bring into school. This is school & district policy.

    10. No IPod / cell phone use in the lab unless otherwise instructed. This is also district policy. If I see one, I have to take it!

    11. No food or drink in the lab! Put away all food / drink before entering, or it will be thrown out!

    12. Take care of all camera supplies. If you damage something, you are responsible for it. Do NOT take any supplies out of the lab unless otherwise instructed.

    13. Respect the lab! It is brand new this year and we are extremely fortunate to have it. Clean up after yourself at the end of class. Students found defacing property in the lab will be reprimanded and possibly prosecuted by the administration.

    9th Grade Digital Photography: Parent/Student Course Contract

    *Please note that this syllabus is a general overview of the course. More detailed and specific information regarding class work, assignments, and homework will be given to the students in class.

    Parents: Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. Email is most efficient as I teach in different rooms throughout the day and rarely have access to a phone. If you need to speak with me directly, please email me with the best time to reach you, and I can contact you by phone.


    School #: (215) 420-5666

    -Course Info can be found on my district webpage. If your child loses an important course document, all Word documents and PowerPoints are downloadable from my webpage

    . *Please cut or tear the section below and return by the due date .


    **If YOU and your PARENT/GUARDIAN understand the expectations and requirements for this course set forth in this syllabus, please sign and date this document below:


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