• It is time for the 2016 Relay Choir! Welcome to what has become an HH tradition!
    Date of our only rehearsal is Wednesday, June 15th at 7pm.
    It is a great cause and you contribute greatly with your time and talents!!!
    Sheet music will be available at the rehearsals and bring as many singers as possible - the more the merrier!!!!
    Even if they are not alums, if they want to sing and contribute, please come to the rehearsals!!!
    All BMCC Community Choir members, alums, AMA Silver Tour members and the CBW "seasoned vets" are welcome!!!
    I hope to see many of my former students there! 
    By popular demand, we are doing the same pieces as last year! Please arrive at the Relay on Friday, June 17th at around 5:30PM at HATTER STADIUM. Assume we are ON!
    Here are the midi files:
    Check these out:
    To grads only- you can look me up on facebook - I do post announcements there as well.
    Hope to see you there and bring other alums with you!!!!!
    Thanks, Mr. Naydan