• The highly-regarded choral program at Hatboro-Horsham HS is a rigorous course of study, performing choral literature of the highest calibre. Each student is graded on an individual basis for part knowledge at least once a marking period and rehearsal outside of the class is necessary for successful completion of the class.
    Please click HERE to download the choir syllabus. Please print out the signature page and return it to Mr. Naydan by the date specified. Parents may also email Mr. Naydan directly at wnaydan@hatboro-horsham.org to verify that they have read and understand how your grade is determined.
    The grading is as follows:
    50% Daily, active class participation and
    50% Vocal Test.
    Class rules will be presented to the choir and by signing this, you as a student are agreeing to abide by those classroom functioning rules.
    You may also email Mr. Naydan to verify that you understand how your child will be graded. Please include your FULL name as well as your child/ward's FULL name in the body of the email.
    His email address is wnaydan@hatboro-horsham.org
    Each quarter, print out this SELF EVALUATION sheet and fill out the information for test verification.
    If you are trying out for a small ensemble, print out the SMALL ENSEMBLES APPLICATION/GRADING SHEET. This is only valid once a year during the 2nd marking period for selection in the next school year's ensembles.
    Failure to test in any given quarter will result in a grade of F for the marking period. Participation in ALL activities, including all announced concerts, is required. For exceptions or alternate assignments, see Mr. Naydan. Attendance is MANDATORY and the responsibility of informing Mr. Naydan of a conflict or absence rests solely with your child/ward.
    Music is one of the most rewarding activities a student at HH can do and we encourage all students to join the ensemble, work hard and learn that the value of performing to the best of one's ability will create in that student a desire to succeed an all activities.
    If you are a present small ensemble member and did not get an invitation to join the hh small ensembles wiggio group, email Mr. Naydan your request to join. You may contact him at wnaydan@hatboro-horsham.org
    Thanks for choosing to be in this ensemble!!!