•  Learning Support: Math curriculum
    Please find here the file that contains the Classroom Guidelines:  Class Guidelines and Grading Policy
    Classroom Supplies~
    • Sprial Notebook~ (I suggest a 3 subject spiral notebook~ a one subject notebook will not be enough).  Here, we will keep notes on topics of study and class work.
    • Pocket Folder ~ to keep handouts and homework worksheets. (This folder will be collected and graded after each unit).
    • Pencil~ perfect for MATH!
    • Calculator~( I suggest a TI-34II...it's a great calculator that is fairly inexpensive ($19 at Office Max) and easily works with fractions, exponents, and scientific notation...everything we need!)  We have access to graphing calculators in the classroom so no need to get anything like those at this point:)
    • I also recommend an assignment book.  But if you  are not sure...check the website for up coming tests and quizzes! 
    • Click here for the ~ Course outline 1st half and Course Outline second half
    • Along with the specific units of study ask me about Problems of the Day (POD)......we do those daily to work on our problem solving  and test taking strategies in preparation for the Keystone tests.