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    Each marking periods grade will be determined on a total points system that includes: *(Approx. pts.)

                    - Tests (60 pts.  @)    - Quizzes (30 pts. @)    - Homework (Daily)   



                    Homework is assigned on a daily basis and is check at the beginning of class each day. Remember that your DAILY homework completion grade will be part of your final grade. The homework completion policy will be discussed in class at the beginning of the semester. I reserve the right of making the final decision on whether a homework credit will be given each day depending on the quality and completeness of the work.


                    **A homework record sheet will be distributed in order for you to record your assignments and track your daily homework point totals. These record sheets will be collected throughout the semester and calculated into your grade point average. If you lose the record sheet or one is not turned in when required, a ZERO will be recorded for that homework period. All record sheets MUST be filled in COMPLETELY for full credit. It is your responsibility to keep track of your assignments.


                    Expect homework to be a continuation of the topics covered in class and should be able to be completed in one-half hour or less. However, there may be a few times during the semester that extra work and time may be needed prior to a major exam or project.




    Class participation and preparation for class, having your book, worksheets, notebook, etc. will be factored in at the end of the marking periods. Classroom assignments, individual or group, will be collected and evaluated for grading purposes, I reserve the right to make decisions on individual participation and contribution of assignments.


    **  REMEMBER Your final course grade will come from 40% first marking period, 40% second marking period and 20% midterm & final exam, so accurate notebooks are essential.



    TEST & QUIZ MAKEUP GUIDELINES: (In accordance with the HHHS student/parent handbook.)


                    -Students that miss class because of an unexcused absence will receive a zero for the missed assignment.

                    -Students that miss one day of school due to an excused absence are responsible to make up work the day they return to school.

                    -Students that are out for more than one day are afforded time equal to the amount of days absent from class.

                    **It is the students responsibility to arrange the make-up work schedule, failure to do so may result in losing credit for the work.   A ZERO will be given for any make up work that goes beyond this period.


    Textbooks will be issued and MUST be covered at ALL times, grade points will be deducted if book

              covers are not maintained in good condition throughout the semester. COST:  $65.00


             **- BOOKS are to be brought to class EVERY day, failure to do so will result in point deductions for not

                     being prepared for class.

    Calculators: It is highly suggested that each student be equipped with their own TI-84 graphing calculator for this course. There is no gaurantee that one will be available for all class work and definately not available for Final Exams.


    Please read and discuss the above Classroom/Homework Polices carefully with your parents/ guardians, sign below and return this copy to me. An extra copy will be provided if you wish to maintain one in your notebook for the entire year for reference.


    Thank you,


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