• The ACT is another college entrance examination that is also available for students.  It is an alternative test to the SAT that colleges accept for admission to their schools.  The test is comprised of four sections: Verbal, Math, Reading and Science with an optional Writing section.  It would be wise to check with the college to which you are applying to find out whether they require or recommend taking the Writing Test. 
    In order to recieve accommodations for the ACT, students must register by paper folder and not online The appliction for this test and the application for extended time can be found in the Career Center in the Guidance Office of the high school.  A student may register online for the ACT by going to www.actstudent.org. At this time, in order to receive accommodations a copy of the student's most recent IEP indicating the accommodations that the student requires under testing situations must accompany the application. Your child's special education teacher will complete this section of the form and provide the IEP documentation. The information the district has on file is currently acceptable without the need for additional testing and out of pocket expenses that is required of the SAT. A form requesting accommodations may be downloaded from www.act.org/aap/disab/index.html. Typically, the students recieve the same accommocations during the school day that are being requested for the ACT. More information may be found at www.act.org.