• OFF-CAMPUS Dual Enrollment Opportunities

     With OFF-CAMPUS dual enrollment courses, students travel to local colleges/universities or virtually take a course taught by a college professor. 

    Please be aware of the following:

    • Courses can be taken during the school day OR after school hours.
    • Transportation & tuition costs are the responsibility of the student.
    • Students are responsible for exploring the transferability of dual enrollment credits to the college they want to attend after graduation.
    • Students must meet the course prerequisites for the college course (refer to college course catalog for details).
    • Students must contact their school counselor and complete the outside coursework form prior to registering for a course.
    • After registering for a dual enrollment course, please email a screenshot or forward the email with confirmation of the registration to your school counselor.
    • College courses not needed for HHHS graduation requirements will NOT appear on the HHHS transcript. College courses that are needed to meet HHHS graduation requirements will appear on the transcript and are weighted similar to an AP course.
    • Upon completion of the course, to add the course to the HHHS transcript, you must provide a college transcript to your school counselor.

    The following are OFF-CAMPUS dual enrollment sites commonly used by HHHS students:

    1.  Montgomery County Community College (Link to MCCC Dual Enrollment information)

    COST: $209 per course

    CONTACT: dualenrollment@MC3.edu


    1. Search for a course here (online, remote, and in-person courses are available) and be sure to select the appropriate term/semester.

    *If you click on the “Course” column, you can access additional information about the course including prerequisites, course description and whether a placement test is required before enrolling. Check if you are Exempt.

    1.  Complete the MCCC Application (indicate you are a HS student seeking dual enrollment).
    2.  Complete the MCCC DE Registration Form.

    2.  Montgomery County Community College – College Readiness Academy

    Contact your School Counselor for information regarding this program.

    3.  Other College/University

    Meet with your School Counselor to discuss your plan. Completion of Outside Coursework form must be used.