• OFF-CAMPUS Dual Enrollment Opportunities

     With OFF-CAMPUS dual enrollment courses, students travel to local colleges/universities or virtually take a course taught by a college professor. 

    Please be aware of the following:

    • Courses can be taken during the school day OR after school hours.
    • Transportation & tuition costs are the responsibility of the student.
    • Students are responsible for exploring the transferability of dual enrollment credits to the college they want to attend after graduation.
    • Students must meet the course prerequisites for the college course (refer to college course catalog for details).
    • Students must contact their school counselor and complete the outside coursework form prior to registering for a course.
    • After registering for a dual enrollment course, please email a screenshot or forward the email with confirmation of the registration to your school counselor.
    • Approval of the Request for Outside Coursework form is required prior to registration.
    • Upon completion of the course, to add the course to the HHHS transcript, you must provide a college transcript to your school counselor.

    The following are OFF-CAMPUS dual enrollment sites commonly used by HHHS students:

    1.  Montgomery County Community College (Link to MCCC Dual Enrollment information)

    COST: $209 per course

    CONTACT: dualenrollment@MC3.edu


    1. Search for a course here (online, remote, and in-person courses are available) and be sure to select the appropriate term/semester.

    *If you click on the “Course” column, you can access additional information about the course including prerequisites, course description and whether a placement test is required before enrolling. Check if you are Exempt.

    1.  Complete the MCCC Application (indicate you are a HS student seeking dual enrollment).
    2.  Complete the MCCC DE Registration Form.

    2.  Montgomery County Community College – College Readiness Academy

    Contact your School Counselor for information regarding this program.

    3.  Other College/University

    Meet with your School Counselor to discuss your plan. Completion of Outside Coursework form must be used.