• Community of Caring and Character

    Hatboro-Horsham High School




    §  Believable, creditable, plausible, truthful, dependable.

    §  Keep promises.

    §  Always do what you know is right even if it is unpopular. 

    §  Tell the truth.




    §  Adoration, deference, esteem, homage, reverence, veneration, tribute.

    §  Have self-respect.

    §  Respect the opinions of others when they differ from your own.

    §  Learn to put yourself in another persons shoes and see things from their point of view.




    §  Dependability, accountability, reliability.

    §  Have the will power and self-discipline to do what you know is right.

    §  Be a person others can count on.

    §  Develop moral and ethical principals of behavior to live by, and follow them in making all decisions.




    §  Equitable, legitimate, just, decent, impartial.

    §  Follow the rules that have been established or that are generally understood.

    §  Consider the opinion of others with an open mind.

    §  Dont take advantage of others, even when you can do so safely and easily.




    §  Concern, interest, nurture, cherish.

    §  Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

    §  Know the meaning of altruism and practice it.

    §  Actions that show you care are more meaningful than words that say you care.




    §  Work to improve your school and community.

    §  Do what you can to protect and improve the environment- recycle whenever possible.

    §  Learn about and understand the principles of democracy and how your government functions.

    §  Respect the rights and opinions of others in your school and community.