• COVID-19 Mask to Stay Program

    The HHSD Mask to Stay (MTS) Program allows asymptomatic individuals who are identified as a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case within high-risk school settings (lunch, sports, band, chorus) to continue to attend school and participate in extra-curricular activities. This program does not include close contacts exposed at home. MTS is for individuals who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated and asymptomatic. MTS participants are required to wear a well-fitted facemask at all times in school except for while eating, drinking or mask breaks, as well as at all times while participating in sports. Individuals who have a documented facemask exemption or those wearing a faceshield are not eligible to participate in the MTS program. To participate in the MTS program, staff and students (parents) are required to sign a consent form, remain symptom free, and test negative on a school-administered test 4-6 days after their exposure to the positive individual. Close contacts who become symptomatic or test positive are directed to isolate. Those that do not participate in the MTS Program will be required to quarantine for 5 days if a mask can be worn and 10 days if a mask cannot be worn at school.


    In order for a child to participate in the Mask to Stay program, parental consent to administer rapid antigen tests onsite must be given: Parent Consent for Rapid Antigen Testing

    Our Mask to stay program was developed using guidance from the Montgomery County Office of Public Health. If you would like to review that guidance in more depth, it is available HERE.