• District Communications Overview

    The Hatboro-Horsham School District serves over 4300 students in grades K-12 across our six schools. Effective and timely communications are an essential piece of a cohesive school community. We strive to offer several ways to communicate with our students and families. Many of these communication tools are available here on our website. We will utilize our website, offer direct communication through Blackboard Messenger, use our cable channel (channel 28 for Comcast subscribers or channel 33 for Verizon subscribers), and utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as social media pages. We encourage you to download the school district app as a means to access all of these platforms on your mobile device. School Board meetings are livestreamed via Youtube and Facebook and recorded meetings are accessible on the website. On a monthly basis, the District will publish Board Notes as a summary of key School Board actions. We will utilize these communication methods and encourage your engagement and two-way communication. In doing so, we seek to ensure all students, families, and community members receive news, emergency, procedural, or general updates in a timely and convenient manner through multiple methods.

School Board Meetings

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