2020 Back to School Technology Checklist

  • Welcome to the 2020 School Year Students, Teachers, Staff and Parents!

    Hatboro-Horsham, as part of the district-wide 1:1 program, will provide a device for your use for both virtual and in-classroom learning.  Device distribution is underway so if you have not already signed up to pick up your device please visit this page.


    For staff and students who already have their device from distribution this year or who maintained their device over the summer there are several steps you can take to update your computer, test your WiFi and test your applications to help the start of the school year begin as smoothly as possible.  There are several sets of instructions for both laptops and iPads so please choose your device below to get started.  Some tests, like those for Powerschool or Canvas, apply to all students and staff who use those applications.


    For each of the categories below please expand the topic and follow the instructions.  If you have any questions or issues with any of these steps please contact support via any one of the following methods:


    Phone: 215-420-5600

    Email: support@hatboro-horsham.org

    Website: https://hhsd.sherpadesk.com.


    Click below for links to the recorded family tech night sessions:


    Canvas Teams and Seesaw K-2



    Canvas and Teams 3-5



    Canvas and Teams Grades 6-8



    Canvas and Teams 9-12

  • A few general notes before beginning:

    1)  The devices built and prepared over the summer will take less time to update as they are pre-loaded with more Microsoft patches, but because patches are released frequently by Microsoft it is recommended that ALL students and staff follow these instructions.

    2)  Some of these steps, particularly Windows Updates, may require you to be online for as long as 90 minutes before Windows "checks in" with the update server.  It's recommended that you connect to VPN and leave your PC turned in and logged in for at least 90 minutes before attempting these steps to ensure everything automated has started to run in the background.

    3)  We have several thousand, but not an unlimited, number of concurrent VPN connections available.  If you receive an error connecting to VPN please wait and try again later.  It is doubtful that we'll hit max capacity but it is theoretically possible.

    4)  For ANY step that lists "Connect to VPN":  You only need to connect to VPN if you are performing the steps from home.  If you are connected (either wired or wirelessly) to any official School District network you DO NOT need to launch VPN.  Skip that step!

    5)  If you have any issues with ANY part of these steps please contact the Help Desk.  If you don't remember your password, receive an error (take a screenshot or write the error message down!), do not meet the minimum requirements or receive a message back that one of the tests has failed please log a ticket.  Please remember to include a good way to contact you when you log a ticket (cell phone numbers are best!).

  • For Staff and Students with Windows Laptops (Grades 2-12)

  • For Staff and Students with iPads (Grades K-1)

  • For ALL Staff and Students (Powerschool/Canvas)

  • For Staff Only