• Due to the Covid-19 pandenmic, ImPACT baseline testing will be completed remotely this Fall. A link to access to the test will be sent by email along with directions. It will be sent to the students School email unless they changed their contact email in ATS. A reminder that the students password was changed to thier student ID at the end of the last school year. The same policy applies.That policy includes the following:


    Fall Sports that must complete ImPACT baseline testing:


    Boys Soccer

    Girls Soccer

    Field Hockey 




    Students that need to take the ImPACT baseline test.

    EVERY Freshman and Junior MUST take it, no matter if they previous have taken it.

    Any Sophomore or Senior that did not take ImPact in the pervious school year here at HHHS. (This includes new transfers and students that did not play a sport last school year.)


    It a student does not receive an email from ImPACT, please email me ASAP to resolve the situation. We may need to send the link to an alternate address.