• PIAA Physical and Paperwork Completion


    Hello!!! We are excited to announce that all PIAA physical paperwork will now be completed online using ATS. Any student that would like to participate in athletics must submit their paperwork through this program. This will help make the process be more efficient and improve communication between athletes, parents, coaches and medical staff. Every student will receive an email (TO THIER SCHOOL ACCOUNT) The email will include the student's ATS ID# and password. The athlete and parent/guardian are to login together to complete the online forms. If a student has trouble logging into their SCHOOL EMAIL, they should call the help desk at 215-420-5600). All the directions are below. There is also a video to help with the process. Any other issues please email me at slipinsk@hatboro-horsham.org  


    The login address for ATS is:




    Once you login, you will click on the Athlete Information Icon.

    First you should click on the GENERAL Tab and update the student’s personal information. The athlete can change their password here.

    Second you should click on the CONTACTS Tab and update or add the parent/guardian information.

    Next you click on the FORMS Tab. On this page you will complete forms 1,2,3,4 and 5 of the PIAA physical and the HHHS Code of Conduct form. To compete each form, you will select a specific form by clicking on the FORM NAME pulldown button on the bottom of the page and select the form to complete. Then click the NEW button. Answer all of the questions then both student and parent/guardian will electronically sign the bottom of the document. When completed make sure you hit the SAVE button. Repeat the process for all the forms.

    Finally you will click on the EFILES tab. Please download and print the PIAA Section 6 Form. Bring this form to your doctor to complete. There is a link to the section 6 form below also. When completed you will need to upload this form on the same page. To upload please click the UPLOAD button. On the new screen you will describe the form. Name it the students name and then Section 6. For document type, use the pulldown menu and select PIAA Section 6. Then click the browse button to upload the document. Please note that the document must be less than 1MB in size to be able to be uploaded. Also note it must be the PIAA Section 6 Form. We cannot accept any other form even if they look similar. (Please note some doctors want a completed PIAA Section 5 Health History form with the athlete during the physical exam. You can complete the Section 5 form online and then print it out to take to the doctor) This form must be dated after May 31st 2020.

    When completed click on the Immunization/Paperwork tab. You will notice that the completed forms and documents are listed as submitted. I will periodically check and verify the documents, but please understand that does not happen automatically. Also note even when you upload the Section 6 form it will not check off the submitted part automatically. I wish it did. I will do that on my end as well. Also note that there is a Impact baseline testing check off. You can ignore this if you do not play a sport where ImPACT is required. Students that are required to take it will get further instrunctions via email. 


    This paperwork needs to be done every school year. Paperwork expires every year on May 31st.




    If you have any questions please email me at slipinsk@hatboro-horsham.org





    2020-2021 School Year

    Fall Football - August 3, 2020

    Fall Sports - August 10, 2020  NEW DEADLINE DUE TO SEASON DELAY -  August 24, 2020

    Final Extended Deadline August 28, 2020. Any paperwork completed on August 29,30 and 31, will have to wait to Sept 1, 2020 to start.


    Winter Sports - November 13, 2020

    Spring Sports - March 1, 2021


    If a student has played a Fall Sport and wishes to play a Winter Sport, they will need to complete a PIAA Section 7 Recertification Form online. This is the same for Spring Sports. This for will not be visable in ATS until a month before the next season.



    PIAA Section 6 Physical Form

    (Print this and take to your Physician)



    In Summary,

    Athletic Paperwork completed through ATS

    Online forms to complete:

        HHHS Code of Conduct

        PIAA Section 1

        PIAA Section 2

        PIAA Section 3

        PIAA Section 4

        PIAA Section 5

    Forms to upload after completion from the Dr.:

        PIAA Section 6 (Only the PIAA form will be accepted)

    (Also look on the status of ImPACT baseline testing if needed for the sport you are participating in.)


    To check your paperwork status, you can login into ATS and look under the immunizations and paperwork tab to see if everything is checked off. This even includes the cleared to play box. I check these off when I verify everything has been completed. If you feel there has been an error, please email me.

    ATS Ex.

     You can ignore where it says physicals in the very bottom in this screen. We only use the information under the paperwork bar.