• HHSD Internet Hotspot Guide


    Purpose:  This document outlines some tips and precautions for hotspot use, step-by-step instructions for use, and an FAQ for commonly asked question.

    Tips and Precautions:

    • Hotspots should only be used with district-issued devices for educational purposes
    • Attempting to sign into a Google account to access the app store, use the hotspot as a phone or otherwise activate service on the device will definitely cause the device to become non-functional and may result in the loss of hotspot privileges
    • Hotspots use cell signal service for data transfer. If you are getting a poor signal strength try moving to an exterior room or near a window just as you would with a cell phone.
    • When acting as a hotspot this device cannot be connected to any WiFi networks
    • All pins for the device (prompted twice) are ****
    • The wireless network name to connect to is HHSD
    • The wireless password is **** (all lower case)
    • When not in use please power off the hotspot and disconnect power as to preserve the batteries.

    Step-By-Step Instructions

    1.  Hold in the power button on the right hand side for at least 5 seconds to turn on the device

    Power Button

    2.  When the device boots you will see a prompt to enter a passcode to boot the device.  The passcode is ****, then tap the check mark to log in (check mark circled below).



    3.  When prompted to log into Android swipe up to bring up the keypad and again enter the pin number then tap the check mark.

    4.  From the main Android home screen swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Android settings menu, then tap on the icon with the two circle pattern (2nd from the left) to turn on the hotspot functionality.

    Activate HotSpot


    5.  Your hotspot is now broadcasting so leave the device plugged in and boot up your PC or your iPad.  There are two separate sets of instructions for connecting your PC or your iPad – you only need to perform one set of steps for whichever device you are connecting.

    Connecting a Windows laptop to the hotspot:

    1. Turn on your PC and log into Windows as normal.
    2. In the lower right hand corner of the taskbar near the clock click on the globe icon, then in the menu that opens click on “HHSD” then click the “Connect” button
    3. When prompted enter the password which is **** (all lowercase)
    4. You are now connected to the internet and can open a web browser, email, Canvas or PowerSchool, etc.

    Connect Laptop

    Connecting an iPad to the hotspot:

    1.  Turn on the ipad and let it start up until it reaches the main home screen (slide up to unlock the device)

    2.  Find the icon for “Settings” on the device and tap settings. If you have multiple “pages” of homescreens you might have to swipe left to find it

    Connect iPad

    3.  In the settings window in the left-hand column tap on Wi-Fi, then in the right-hand screen tap on the network named “HHSD”.  You should be prompted to enter a password.

    4.  You are now connected to the internet and can open apps and browse the web

    Receiving the device means:

    • You are accepting the terms of the disclaimer that is included in packet
    • Any attempt to activate the phone service on the device will break the data services and render the device unusable for use on the internet
    • Filters are not as protective when using a Hot Spot, so you will need to monitor your child’s internet activity on this device more closely
    • If a student violates the AUP with this device while on the internet the account will have to be canceled

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q:  My hotspot device won’t turn on?  What should I do.

    A:  Make sure you are holding down the power button.  It takes a long hold to start up the device and the button is very close to the volume up and down buttons so make sure it is the right button (see page 1 for a picture).  If the device still will not power up plug in the device for 30 minutes and then then try again. 


    Q:  My device is turned on but now I don’t see the “HHSD” network on my laptop or iPad?

    A:  Go back to the main Android homescreen on the hotspot slide your finger down from the top of the screen.  The hotspot icon (refer to page 1) should be illuminated with a light blue background if it is turned on.  If it is not turned on tap it once to turn it on.


    Q:  My hotspot is on but my internet connection is very slow.  Can I make it faster?

    A:  Hotspots will never be as fast as Wi-Fi or wired internet connections like Comcast or Verizon would provide, but these hotspots are subject to the same lack of coverage that a cell phone would be.  If the signal is low on the device try moving to a different room or closer to a window where the device will have less interference.


    Q:  I’m still having an issue but none of these have helped.  How can I get additional support?

    A:  If all else fails call the Help Desk or reach out to your school district contact for tech support.