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    The next School Board Director’s meeting will be a Legislative Action meeting and will be held on Monday, July 25, 2022. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in the Hatboro-Horsham High School Auditorium.


    The Hatboro-Horsham School District will hold regular Public Meetings twice a month, the Legislative/Action Meetings and Work Sessions @ 7:00 P.M. 

    Meetings will be held in person at the Hatboro-Horsham High School in the Auditorium beginning at 7:00 PM.  

    Meetings will be recorded and live-streamed viewable via:

    YouTube: HHSD YouTube


    TV: Comcast Channel 28/Verizon Channel 33

    Community members may provide comments during the public comment portion of the meeting in the following ways:

    Community members can share their comments with the Board through either in-person comments or via electronic communication. If you wish to speak during the public comment session we ask that you please sign-in on the sheet located in the front of the Auditorium. Your name will be called in the order that it appears on the sign-in sheet. Once your name is called, we asked that you please come to the microphone that will be located in the front of the Auditorium to speak. Speakers must state their name, address, and their municipality of residence. Please limit your comments to (3) three minutes. Please remember that it is the Board’s practice to not engage in dialogue with speakers.

    Members of the public wishing to make an electronic comment for the Board are asked to submit their comments in writing to this email address:  In order for comments to be read, we kindly ask that all submissions include your full name and Hatboro-Horsham School District address.  



    All Virtual Public Comments (VPC) submitted before 12:00 PM on the meeting day will be submitted to the Board Directors for their review prior to the meeting and will be part of the meeting’s record. If in-person public comments during the meeting meet or exceed one (1) hour, VPC will not be read at the meeting. If in-person public comments are less than one (1) hour, VPC will be read at the meeting until one (1) hour of total public comment is reached. VPC will be read in the order they were received.


    • VPC are limited to three (3) minutes, similar to public comment made in-person.
    • VPC must include complete address in order to be read aloud. Only comments of HHSD residents will be read. If address is not provided, it will not be read. 
    • VPC is read verbatim. Language considered to be obscene or defamatory will disqualify the entire comment to be read.
    • VPC submitters who also speak live at the meeting will not have their VPC read.
    • If a sender submits multiple comments, only the first VPC submission will be read. 
    • If multiple VPCers submit the exact same comment, to prevent having to read the same comment multiple times, the Board Secretary will read one comment and note that additional people submitted the exact same comment.  
    • VPC on Agenda Items are read after the live comments in the first Public Comment input section.
    • VPC on Non-Agenda Items are read after the live comments in the second Public Comment input section.
    • There are no e-mail replies from the VPC account. There is no confirmation of receipt.
    • Questions about VPC should be directed to the Board Secretary.