• Hatboro-Horsham Winter Ensemble
    Past Shows/Accomplishments



    2011Ode To BeethovenMAIN Bronze Medalist (Regional A Class)
    CIA Silver Medalists (A Class)
    MAIN Silver Medalists (Regional A class)
    CIA Silver Medalists (A class)
    WGI Regional Participant
    MAIN Bronze Medalists
    WGI World Championship-Semi Finalist
    WGI Mid-Atlantic Power Regional Finalist
    WGI Trumbull Regional Finalist
    2007Moonlight Sonata
    CIA Gold Medalists (A Class)
    MAIN Bronze Medalists (A Class)
    WGI Regional Finalists
    2006A Celebration of the Elements
    CIA Gold Medalists (A Class)
    WGI Regional Finalist
    2005Inside the Mind of Nancy
    WGI Regional Finalist
    WGI World Championship participant
    2004Into the Woods
    2003I'm With YouWGI  Regional participant
    2002Through the Looking Glass
    MAIN Silver Medalist (A Class)
    2001Sirens: Deep Blue Sea
    MAIN Bronze Medalist (A Class)
    WGI Regional Finalists
    MAIN Silver Medalists (A Class)
    WGI Regional Finalist
    MAIN Gold Medalists (A Class)
    WGI Regional Finalists
    1998The PlanetsCIA Silver Medalists (Liberty Division)
    1997Bobby McGeeCIA Silver Medalists (Yankee Division)
    1996Alice in Wonderland
    CIA Silver Medalists
    MAIN Silver Medalist (Open Class)
    1995Stairway to Heaven
    CIA Silver Medalists (Yankee Division)
    WGI Regional Finalists
    WGI World Championship participant
    1994RoundaboutCIA Silver Medalists (Yankee Division)
    1993Music of David Foster
    1992Music of Danny ElfmanCIA Bronze Medalist (Yankee Division)
    1991Miss Saigon
    CIA Silver Medalist (Yankee Division)
    WGI Regional Finalist
    1990Phantom of the OperaCIA Gold Medalist (Liberty Division)
    1989Dan FogelbergCIA Gold Medalist (American Division)
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