• GOLD Orchestra
    (Fromerly the Select Orchestra)

    Any student who has achieved their BRONZE belt by the end of January is eligible to participate in the GOLD Orchestra.

    The Gold Orchestra is great way for students to challenge themslves within a safe and nuturing environment. As most of theses students have shown initiative in their musical education, they also help to pick the peices they want to study and ultimately perform. These students also are grouped together on lesson days to continue to advnace their skills both on solo peices and in chamber group peices.

    The GOLD Orchestra will rehearse after Black Orchestra for an additional 45 minutes. They will perform at the 5th grade Strings and Band Concert on Wednesday, May 6 as well as at the District Art Show on April 30 and at the school specific spring concerts where 4th grade performs (some schools do not require 5th grade to attend any spring concert, I am asking that 5th grade come and perform with 4th grade orchestra).

    We are doing a Virtual Concert! Please be on the lookout for directions about how your child can record themselves to be a part of it!