Guide for Families


    This guide is intended to familiarize families with just a few of our school procedures and events. It is very important for you to also read and refer to the Crooked Billet Elementary School Handbook for a comprehensive list of our building policies.


    • Weekly Electronic Envelope - All school events, activities and information is updated via the electronic envelope every Wednesday. Information including flyers, newsletters, and notices pertaining to school, district, and community events will be included. Weekly Electronic Envelope


    • Soft Pretzel Wednesday - Soft Pretzel Wednesday runs October through May.  A soft pretzel is delivered to your students' classroom to be consumed during snack time.  Money earned through this activity goes to the 5th Grade for end of the year events.  Flyer to order: Soft Pretzel Wednesday


    • School Store Birthday Cart - The School Store Birthday Cart travels to your students' classroom where your student and their classmates choose "favors" to celebrate your students' birthday.  Flyer to order: School Store Birthday Cart



    • Lost and Found - Lost and Found Table is located in the rotunda.  Parents are invited to visit school to check for unclaimed items.  Families are also notified before any items left at school are donated to charity.


    • Halloween Pumpkin Contest - Students may bring decorated pumpkins to school on the day designated for the contest. Prizes will be awarded.  Students and/or parents must take the pumpkins home or they will be discarded.


    • Halloween Parade  - All parents are invited to attend the Halloween parade held on the black walking path around the school.  The parade is held prior to the classroom parties. 


    • Holiday Shop - The CBHSA offers students the opportunity to buy holiday gifts for members of their family.  Items are inexpensive and affordable for all.


    • Crooked Billet Day - A fun day where Crooked Billet is transformed in to a colonial school. Each child dresses up in colonial costumes and sings songs, with community and administrators watching on. Families are strongly encouraged to attend the morning ceremony. More information about costumes will be provided closer to Crooked Billet Day, which is usually the first school day of May. In the afternoon, the children learn about the history of their school and the uniqueness of its location.


    • Spring Concert - A 3rd through 5th Grade concert is presented in the spring at the Hatboro/Horsham High School.  Crooked Billet students are transported to the high school for a practice session prior to the performance date.  Families and friends are invited to attend the evening event.  The Kindergarten through 2nd Grade concert is presented at Crooked Billet.


    • Field Day - This event is held on the field adjacent to our building each spring.  Parents are encouraged to attend to cheer for the children.