• Frequently Asked Questions about Naviance

    How do I get my username and password for Naviance?
    Stop by the Student Success Center or contact your counselor to get your username and password for Naviance.
    How do I request a transcript for my college applications?
    Go to the “Colleges” tab and click on “Colleges I am Applying to.” Click “+add to this list.” Once you are on the next screen, select the type of decision (ie- rolling, early, regular). Click the boxes indicating that you would like to request a transcript and have submitted the application. Click on the “Look Up” link to select the college where you want the transcript sent. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add Colleges.”
    How do I request a transcript for scholarships or athletics?
    To request a transcript for a scholarship or for a coach, log on to Naviance. Click on the “Colleges” tab. Click on the transcripts link on the left side of the page under Resources. Click “Request Transcripts for Scholarships or Athletics.” Fill in the information on the following screen and click “Add Transcript Requests.” If requesting for NCAA Clearinghouse, please follow steps for college application transcript request above and choose NCAA Eligibility Center.
    How do I request a letter of recommendation?
    You must first ask the person face-to-face if they would be willing to write you a letter. After receiving a positive response from the teacher/coach in person, you can then log on to your Naviance account and request it online. Click on the top tab “Colleges” and then on the link for “Colleges I’m applying to.” Scroll down and add your requests for Teacher Recommendations make sure to request a letter from your counselor if you need one. This will place the request in your teacher’s online manager, as well as send a follow-up email reminding them of your request. Please make sure to include a nice note to the teacher/counselor from whom you are requesting a letter. Don’t forget to say thank you to the person for taking the time to help you by writing your letter.
    How do I know when the letter of recommendation is complete?
    Once you have requested the letter in person and on Naviance, the teachers name will appear on the bottom of the “Colleges I’m applying to” tab with the word Requested next to it. Once the teacher has uploaded the letter, the word Requested will change to Complete. While you won’t have access to the letter, you can see that the letter is uploaded and available to be sent.
    How do I complete the FERPA release waiver and match my Common App to my Naviance account? 
    Follow these step-by-step instructions, and watch this short video  
    How do I know when the materials are sent?
    Once you have requested transcripts on Naviance, you can monitor the progress of your materials. Click on the” Colleges I am Applying to” link under the “Colleges” tab. Look at the Transcript column. If it says Sent, it means that your materials were mailed or sent electronically. If it says Confirmed, it means that the school has notified us that they have received your materials. Please note that not all schools send a confirmation.
    How do I get a resume or letter of recommendation from a person outside of school added to my account to be sent with my transcripts?
    If you would like an outside letter of recommendation or your resume added to your Naviance account to be sent with your transcripts, please give Mrs. Hermann a copy of the document. You can drop off a paper copy to her in the Student Success Center or email it to her at phermann@hatboro-horsham.org. Here is a college resume and sample you can use to create your college resume. Use this worksheet to keep track of your activities throughout high school.
    How do I find Summer and Enrichment Programs which I may be interested in attending?
    If you would like to find a Summer and/or Enrichment Program, log in to your Naviance account and click the "College" tab, then on "College Search." Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Enrichment Programs". Keep checking here for the most updated information on these programs.     
    Stop by the Student Success Center or contact your counselor to get your username and password for Naviance.