Formative Assessment - feedback and an assessment OF learning and understanding. These results help create an understanding of where a student may be struggling to understand content or a concept. Typically formative assessments comes in the form of homework or a number of non-graded instructional strategies. 


    Summative Assessment - assessment FOR learning and the final evaluation of whether or how well a student has understood content or a concept. Typically summative assessments are in the form a quiz, test or project.  


    Project Based Assessment - assignments that compile into a project that allows students to demonstrate knowledge and measures critical think skills through applying the content they have learned. Typically a project based assessment is conducted at the end of grading period, but can also be done at designated intervals throughout the marking period. 


    Group Based Assessment - summative assessment that receives a common group grade determined by the teacher, peers or a combination of both. Group assessment grades will include a group peformance score and/or individual performace score in the final grade. 


    Group Based Activity - an instructional strategy used for students in a group to learn or collect content information. Group assignment is NOT graded.