Executive Summary


    Section 1 - Description of Applicant


    Section 2 - Governance and Administrative Structure

    A.    Selection of the Board of Trustees

    B.    Steps to Maintain Continuity Between Founders Vision and the Board

    C.    Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

    D.    Role and Responsibilities of School Director

    E.     Parent and Community Involvement in Governance

    F.     Accountability and Grievance Procedures

    G.    Facilitating Productive Relationships Between Administrators & Teachers

    H.    Board Information and Individual Resumes


     Section 3 - Mission, Goals and Assessment Procedures

    A.    Mission Statement

    B.    Core Philosophy

    C.    Overarching Vision

    D.    Goals & Objective

    E.     Expanding Educational Opportunities within the School System

    F.     Improving Learning Opportunities

    G.    Innovative Teaching Methods

    H.    Curriculum Overview

    I.     Additional Aspects of the Educational Program

    J.     Classroom Materials

    K.    School Calendar and Hours of Operation

    L.     Evaluation to Ensure School Meets Its Goals

    M.    Evaluation of Teachers and Administrators

    N.    Student Assessment Procedures and Accountability

    O.    Learning Progress Reporting to Parents

    P.     Using Evaluation Data to Improve Student Achievement

    Q.    8th Grade Exit Outcomes


    Section 4 - Admissions Policy & Criteria; Students with Disabilities; English Language Learners

    A.    Timetable for Admitting Students, Including Lottery Plan

    B.    Non-Discrimination in Admissions

    C.    Unique Demographics of the Student Population to be Served

    D.    Student Enrollment Projections

    E.     Meeting the Educational Needs of Students with Disabilities

    F.     Meeting the Educational Needs of English Language Learners


    Section 5 - Student Discipline & Expulsion Criteria

    A.    Code of Conduct

    B.    Attendance Policies

    C.    Guidelines and Consequences of Student Behavior

    D.    Discipline of Students with Disabilities

    E.     Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy


    Section 6 - Community Involvement & Support, Founding Members

    A.    Demonstrated, Sustainable Support by the Community

    B.    Recruitment & Outreach Efforts

    C.    Signed Pre-Enrollments from Parents

    D.    Core Founding Members

    E.     Ongoing Parent Involvement

    F.     Efforts to Maintain a Collaborative Relationship with School  Districts


    Section 7 - Fiscal Operations

    A.    Reviewing and Auditing of School Budgets and Financial Records

    B.    Purchasing Procedures

    C.    Fundraising Efforts to Generate Capital or Supplement Pupil Allocation

    D.    Implementation of Required Financial Procedures

    E.     Transportation Program

    F.     Maintaining Accurate  Student  Enrollment Information

    G.    School Enrollment and Attendance Procedures


    Section 8 - Facilities

    A.    Description of Physical Facility Under Consideration

    B.    Site Suitability

    C.    Facility Maintenance

    D.    Facility Financing or Leasing Plans

    E.     Acquisition of Additional Facilities


    Section 9 - Faculty

    A.    Hiring of School Staff

    B.    Teacher Student Ratios

    C.    Professional Development

    D.    Proposed Faculty


    Section 10 - Extracurricular Activities & Food Services

    A.    Program of Activities

    B.    Agreements with Local School District

    C.    Food Service

    D.    Free or Reduced Lunch or Breakfast


    Section 11- Staff Clearance

    A.    Criminal History Record Policy

    B.    Official Clearance Statement Regarding Child Injury or Abuse


    Section 12 - Liability, Insurance and Risk Management

    A.    Insurance & Liability Coverage

    B.    Human Resources

    C.    Maintaining School Records, FERPA Requirements

    D.    Statement of Intent to Comply with All Applicable Safety Requirements

    E.     Description of School Health Services

    F.     Description of School Nursing Services


    Section 13 - Implementation and Next Steps





    Appendix A - Corporate Documents (Articles, By-Laws)

    Appendix B - Individual Resumes of Prospective Board of Trustee Members
    Appendix C - Detailed Curriculum, Assessment Rubrics and Scope & Sequence in the Context of PA Core Standards
                            at Each Benchmark Level 

    Appendix D - Admissions Policy

    Appendix E - Special Education Evaluation Protocol and Support Process

    Appendix F - Rights and Responsibilities of Students

    Appendix G - Rules for School Conduct

    Appendix H - Policies on Student Suspension or Expulsion

    Appendix I -  Letters of Community Support

    Appendix J - Pre-Enrollment Information

    Appendix K - Budget

    Appendix L - School Campus Design

    Appendix M - Lease Proposal

    Appendix N - Agreement on Joint Professional Development

    Appendix O - Professional Development Programs

    Appendix Q - Background Checks and Reporting Requirements

    Appendix R - Model Notification of Rights under FERPA for Elementary and Secondary Schools

    Appendix S - Medication Administration Procedures