Gifted Requirements Forms


     Students will earn one-half (1/2) academic credit per year toward fulfilling their elective requirement by participating successfully in Enrichment Seminar.  The following criteria must be met by the last day of classes in June (Quarter 4) in order to pass the Enrichment course and earn credit. Advance planning is necessary in order to avoid last-minute conflicts. 


    1. Attendance. Regular attendance in seminar is critical for students to maximize the benefits of class. If a conflict arises, the student must see his or her teacher before the scheduled class meeting.  In that case, students must attend one of the other scheduled classes for that week or make arrangements to make up missed information. The expectation is that exceptions are just that—exceptions. We understand that there are occasional times when students have other obligations.  However, students should not schedule anything else (band sectionals, make-up work, group project work sessions, etc.) on the day gifted meets


    1. Cultural and High-Interest Experiences. Cultural experiences for gifted support are designed to enrich each student’s learning and growth.  Students are required to participate in at least three cultural/high-interest experiences. Trips and events will be scheduled to assist students in meeting this requirement. One may be a virtual experience, one may be a school event (the winter concert, the art show, etc.) and at least one is to be a professional-level performance/event (scheduled field trips, HHEF presentations, etc.). Students will be required to write a one-page reflection after each experience within one week of the experience. If a student chooses to engage in more than three experiences, the reflection will be optional for any experience beyond the third.


    If any student cannot participate in the trips or events we have scheduled, students should confer with their gifted support teacher before choosing to meet this requirement through an alternate activity. 


    Job shadow option (**juniors only**).  Each junior may choose to engage in a one-day professional job shadow as one of their three required high-interest experiences. Students are responsible for securing a placement, but the gifted support teacher is available to help. The gifted support teacher will notify the attendance office and the absence will be excused. Each experience must be a minimum of 4 hours (ideally 6-8) and entail shadowing a professional.


    Please note: Out of respect for the academic program at the high school, do not miss more than two class periods in any one subject for field trips.  In addition, academic subject teachers reserve the right to prohibit any student from attending a trip.


    1. Service Learning. Service learning is a valuable component for the overall growth of an individual.  Students are asked to actively engage in at least five hours of service learning. Diverse community service projects are offered through school-sponsored clubs and organizations. Community opportunities are also available and will be shared with students as they come to our attention. Students should talk to their gifted support teacher in advance to confirm self-initiated activities meet the standard of service learning, or if they feel they are unable to fulfill this requirement. 



                Mrs. English-Murphy’s email:                          PHONE:  215-420-5855

                Mr. Fromal’s email:                                  PHONE:   215-420-5594