It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work after an absence from class. Absence from school can affect the course grade since pupil participation is part of the final determination of the course grade. The directed study period provides students a unique opportunity to meet with teachers and complete assignments that they have missed due to absence.


    Students that miss class because of a class cut or unlawful absence will not be given the opportunity to makeup any assignments and will be the given the grade of 0 for all assignments covered and/or due on the date in question, as mentioned in the Code of Conduct.


    Students that miss one (1) day of school due to an excused absence are responsible to makeup work the day that they return to school. Students that are out for more than one day are afforded time equal to the amount of days they were absent from class.

    Example: A student absent from school for four (4) days due to a confirmed medical condition will have four (4) days to make up any missed assignments and/or assessments.


    *Teachers do have the ability to make exceptions in specific cases*