Toxic trade is a big problem worthy of our attention. 
    1. Download and complete the Toxic Trade Assignment to learn more about this important environmental issue.
    2. Listen to the EPA vodcast.
    3. Separate and identify various substances in sludge.

    Sludge Review Assignment

    Use the link for a Graphic Organizer: http://bubbl.us

    Notes on Flow Chart - Flow Chart Background
    Pick one of these to complete as a group or each of you do a different one.

    1. Create a Graphic Organizer or Flow Chart of the Steps of Sludge Breaking it down by day might be helpful.

    2. Create a Graphic Organizer of the Types of Substances you may find and the tests for each of them.

    3. Create a Flow Chart for a metal, liquid or powdered solid. Explain results, choices and next moves.

    For whichever choice you make be sure to include details and important notes for you and your partner. Don't rewrite things you already know. Keep it brief and simple, but make it as useful as possible. 

    Standard 3.4.10 
    A. Explain concepts about the structure and properties of matter.
              Apply knowledge of mixtures to appropriate separation techniques.
    1. Use separation techniques to separate various substances from sludge.
    2. Use identification techniques to identify various substances from sludge.
    3. Create correctly formatted data tables.
    4. Analyze data to make an informed decision for identification.
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