There is a quizlet for the terms in this unit under our hhscience account. The sooner you know the terms the better. 
    1. Introduction
           a. Solubility in Daily Life - PPT Presentation
    2. Solubility Described
           a. Solubility Webquest
    3. Dissolving Process
           a. Graphic
    4. Types of Solvents
           a. Alcohol vs. Water Demo
           b. Internet Activity: Types of Solvents
           c. Solvent Lab
           d. Design your own solvent
    5. Solute Concentration
           a. calculating concentration
           b. solubility lab
    6. Factors Affecting Solubility: Temperature and Pressure
           a. Notes
           b. temperature and solubility lab
           c. solubility curves
           d. The Ring of Fire Expedition
                   link to help your expedition http://www.divediscover.whoi.edu/vents/basics.html
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