1. Introduction
           a. Measuring Volume Inquiry - Activity Guide (open in Notebook)
                  - Record your data here.
                  - View class data
           b. Identification Challenge: Activity Guide PPT
    2. Volume vs. Density Lab
           a. Lab Handout
           b. Guide PPT
           c. Grading Rubric
    3. Density Application
           a. Assignment
           b. Molecular Connection
           c. Back to Kinetic Molecular Theory

    4. Density Notesheet Assignment
          a. Open a Word document > New Template > Choose a Stationary, Flyer or Newsletter (or anything else
              that works for this assignment).  Title your document Density.  This will contain all your density notes.
         b. Use these resources... 
          c. ...to creatively represent each of the following on this ONE page.
    • What is density? (in your own words)
    • How is density calculated? Include and explain the equation.
    • What are the measurement units for density?
    • How is density knowledge used?  (What is it used to do in the real-world?)
    • Show the molecular spacing of each phase of matter and same phases with different densities.
    • Get some cool graphics related to density!

    Labs to follow...

    Solid Density Lab
    Liquid Density Lab
    Aluminim Foil Lab
    Sand Lab
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