1. Introduction
           Lab - Heating and Liquids (BP)
           Lab - Micro-Melting Point (MMP)
           Lab - Freezing Point (FP)
    2. Concept Map/Graphic Organizer - http://bubbl.us
        We recommend you create an account and save your brainstorm.  Enter in all of the terms and definitions from your outline along 
        with the three gas laws. Organize the bubbles by phase, energy, or another way of your choosing. Print it out when you are done.
        Create an Account with your teacher's code. Under your class you will find the PHASE CHANGES simulation.
        Complete the activity and then take the five question quiz. You will be graded on this quiz.   
    Simulation of Solids, Liquids and Gases
    Observe and play around to reinforce Kinetic Molecular Theory Tie-ins.
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