PHASES of MATTER - Kinetic Molecular Theory & The Gas Laws

    How to Create a Googlesite...and What is a Learning Log?

    We will be using a Learning Log throughout this unit. Your goal today is to set-up your site with several pages and introduce yourself and our topic of the gas laws on your homepage. You should also explain what a learning log is on your homepage since you will be following this format throughout your learning. 

       1. Check out your teacher's learning log. Read the information describing the process and pupose of learning logs. Write a three to five sentence summary.
                   Mr. Bonner: http://cbonner75.weebly.com/
    Create an account at www.google.com
           We will make a googlesite to track our learning and save our notes. Your site should follow this format below:
       3. Title your home page: Your Name's Learning Log. (first name not whole name) You may have to add a number if it has been taken...
       4. Create two new pages: Gas Laws: Behind the Scenes (our main learning log) and Student Survey
           Make sure you are on your homepage each time you create a new page so they are all sub-pages of your homepage.
       5. You should now edit your homepage with an introduction about the course, subject, yourself, and a learning log. Be sure to add a relevant picture to make it fun.
    Here is the RUBRIC for this project. 
    After you have completed your homepage with introduction and a science picture - register on the below form:

     Working Behind the Scenes...

    1. Kinetic Molecular Theory
         a. Kinetic Molecular Theory PPT [Teacher Led]
             Worksheet and Web Interactive [Student Led]
         b. Phases of Matter Reading
         c. Learning about Plasma... the 4th state of matter (on your own for fun)
                 1. Link: http://www.electricalfun.com/plasma.htm
                 2. Questions
    Questions for Reflection Day One:
                 1. What were three main things I learned today?
    2. Was something false you thought you knew?
                 3. I am still unsure about...
    2. Variables and Proportionality - split over two days
         a. Establishing Relationships Among Variables:Worksheet for Variables
    http://intro.chem.okstate.edu/1314f00/laboratory/glp.htm - Demonstrates Gas Behavior for Experimentation - (waiting for Java update permission)
    Use this simulation instead. Make Sure you fix the Species (particles) at 50. You also need to go into Measurement tools and select the ruler to help record volume.
         b. Create a single-line graph in Excel: Directions
             Creating a line graph in Googledocs to follow...
             Google Spreadsheet directions: Google and Charts Directions
         c. Direct vs. Indirect (Inverse) Proportion: Assignment
    For each Graph:
    • Leave space in between them on the page for added notes
    • Identify the Independent and Dependent Variables
    • Write a Summary Statement addressing how the variables change and effect one another
    • Identify whether it is directly or inversely proportional
    • Write an equation based on the variables and their proportionality
    Questions for Reflection Day Two and Three:
                 1. What were three main things I learned today?
    2. Was something false you thought you knew?
                 3. I am still unsure about...
                 4. Can you use what you have learned today in other subjects? How?
    3. Naming the Laws
         a. You will now open this Assignment and find the names of each law. You will also bring the ideas of theories and laws into your notes. Lastly you will tie together and connect KMT and GAS LAWS.
             If you want to check out my learning log with an 

    Also check with the RUBRIC
         b. Gas Laws in Real Life: Application be sure to add one to each law
         c. Calculating Change:  Practice Problems be sure to add one to each law
    Questions for Reflection Day Four:
                 1. What were three main things I learned today?
    2. Was something false you thought you knew?
                 3. I am still unsure about...
                 4. I was most surprised about learning...
    4. SCUBA (extension)
         a. Create a pamphlet highlighting the dangers of SCUBA diving and relate each to the gas laws.
    5. Reflection & Review of the Process
        Complete this survey document and cut and paste the questions and answers onto your Student Survey page.
         a. Student Survey
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