1. Introduction
           a. Properties of Matter PPT and handout
           b. Review
    2. Properties of Various Elements (Element Most Wanted Assignment)
           a. Element Tile Examples
           b. Element Assignment and Directions (Questions and Directions)
           c. Resources
                 2. How do I figure out valence electrons for my element? Try this
                       * If you have gold, silver, iron or copper use this site instead.
                 3. How reactive is my element?  Check out these reactivity rules.
           d. Tile Template
           eGrading Rubric
    3. Classifying Elements Based on Shared Characteristics
           a. Create 7 groups of elements based on shared physical and chemical properties. 
                  - Record the characterstics of your group in this chart.
                  - As each group presents their characteristics, fill in the rest of the rows on the chart.
           b. Can you identify the proper name of your group? 
                  - Use these Element Group Descriptions
                  - Add any physical or chemical properties that are missing to your chart.
                  - One person from each group writes the name and group traits on a blank sheet of paper
           c. Element Groups: Who Are We? Reinforcement Activity
    4. Mendeleev & Periodic Law (Periodicity)
           a. Building a Table of the Elements Activity and PPT Guide
           b. Periodicity Activity
                   -  Use this PPT to see if your predictions were right!
           d. Mendeleev and Periodic Law Reading
                   - followed by PPT Review
                   -focus on similarities to our own process and one fundamental difference


    5. The Periodic Table
           a. How the Read the Periodic Table: Assignment and Periodic Table Graphic        
           b. Resources:
                    1. How to Read the Periodic Table: http://chemistry.about.com/od/k12gradelessons/a/periodictable.htm
                    3. Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids: graphic - USE THIS FIRST!!
           c. Hypothesis / Theory / Law as applied to the periodic table & importance of the periodic table
              PPT and Assignment
               Here is the Hypothesis, Theory, and Law Article - Reading
    6. Review Materials and Enrichment - (Both Atomic Theory and Periodic Law)
           a. Periodic Law Packet Review    Review Sheet                        More Extensive Book Review - Review Packet
           b. Videos about each element are on this site: http://www.periodicvideos.com/index.htm
           c. Study vocabulary using this site: http://www.quizlet.com
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