An Exploration...
    Visit each demo station and record an observation, hypothesis or general idea about the set-up that is different from those that preceed yours.
    Our observations are on www.cbonner.wikispaces.com
    Density Experiment
    1. Download the assignment.
    2. When you are finished designing your experiment, present it to your teacher for feedback.
    3. Perform the experiment and carefully collect data.
    4. Graph your results and post to our wiki.
    Density Defined
    1. Open a Word document and title it Density (using Word Art).  This will contain all your density notes.
    2. Use these resources... 
    3. ...to creatively represent each of the following on this ONE page.
    • What is density? (in your own words)
    • How is density calculated? Include the equation.
    • What are the measurement units for density?
    • How is density knowledge used?  (What is it used to do in the real-world?)
    • Chart showing the densities of 10 substances that interest you (feel free to research other sites).
    • Which one(s) are different on the moon versus the Earth: mass, volume, density?
    • Get some cool graphics related to density!


Last Modified on March 5, 2008