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  • Welcome to Mrs. McElrath’s physics class!   Physics is truly my favorite subject and I eagerly look forward to teaching you.   This class is designed to guide you as you incorporate and apply science and math to better understand the world around you.   I will reinforce all science concepts with the appropriate math needed for problem solving.   You will master the applied problem solving with practice.   (Yes, this means some homework.)   I plan to offer practice problems in class before assigning homework.   The physics concepts will also be reinforced through laboratory experiments and projects (time permitting).   I believe that students learn best through a combination of lecture, problem solving, and laboratory experiences.  


    Final exam June 6th at 7:40 AM for seniors, and June 6th and 7th in class for juniors.


    Final exam review packet due June 6th for seniors and June 7th for juniors.


    Interstellar extra credit due June 6th.


    Extra credit essay guidelines:   Write a reaction essay and include a paragraph discussing the science topics you would like to have explained further...the "trippy stuff".   Your essay should be one page in length and single-spaced.