• HHHS "Arts Crawl"
    Our annual "arts crawl" is a festival-style event held in the Gallery to showcase the talent and ability of the students in our the fine art/tech ed/FCS classes.  Students, faculty, and administrators are invited to stop by and participate in the experience.  Much of the event is interactive, a way for everyone to experience what takes place in the Gallery on a daily basis.  This year, the event consisted of the following:
    • Large action-painting wall
    • Graffiti wall
    • Temporary tattoo station
    • Jewelry-making station
    • Sewing station (keychains and gift bags)
    • "Selfie" photo booth with props
    • Professional photo booth
    • Computer graphics demos
    • Wheel throwing demos
    • Batik (fabric painting) demos
    • FOOD:  Custom-made crepes
    • LIVE MUSIC:  Brass ensemble band
    Action painting       Wheel-throwing
    Sewing        Temporary Tattoos