1. Creating Personality Groups
    a. Take this Personality Survey directions and definitions are located on the teacher page
    b. Students will go into groups with similar personalities
    2. Getting Relevant and Interesting Stuff to Read
            a. RSS = Really Simple Syndication
                       - What is RSS? Video
                       - Google Reader has a tutorial
                       - Google Reader in Plain English on YouTube
             b. Online Sources of Information
                       - The terms and questions related to the current topic are posted at the top of each content page.
                       - Search for sources from each of the following types of sites:
                                  environmental magazine / journal
                                  informative website
                                  political action site
                                  government site (.gov)
                       - Enter your source selections on this gForm.
                       - Subscribe to the sites using GoogleReader.
                c. The Library Has Great Sources that have RSS Feed Options!
                       - Gale
                       - SIRS Knowledge Source
                       - Proquest
                       - CQ Researcher
                       - Library Catalogue
    3. Blogging
                 a. Setting Up a Group Blog
                        - Choose one person in your group to create the blog (use your Google account at blogger.com)
                        - title the blog creatively (but make sure it is appropriate / don't use last names)
                        - invite the other 4 people in your group: Settings > Permissions > Add Authors
                        - add your blog address to the spreadsheet so your teacher can find it!
                b. Process
                        - 5 people in a group
                        - Day A: first person finds info (using RSS feeds), posts summary, opinion/reflection, and 3-5 questions
                        - You will need to keep the article on topic of what we are learning in class, see the unit RSS words
                        - See the rubric below for greater detail 
                        - Day B: other 4 people read post, add their reflection and expand on the topic
                        - 2 week cycle
                 c. Example
                 d. Grading Rubric
Last Modified on September 12, 2011