Naviance- My Family Connection


    1. Go to website sign in screen on Naviance:  


    1. New User:  Enter Password (can be obtained at Student Success Center)

    Choose "My Colleges" on the left-hand menu and answer the prompts to give us the right to electronically forward information to your chosen colleges.  Please note this must be completed before we can send any transcripts.

                Guests:  Enter Hatters for the password.

                Returning User:  Enter ID (email address) and Password you selected.


    What can I do with Family Connection:

    • students can research schools and apply to colleges on-line.
    • provides students and parents with an efficient and streamlined method to monitor their college application information.
    • students can access scholarship information.
    • students can view colleges scheduled to visit Hatboro-Horsham Senior High School.
    • Access "Inbox" frequently for messages from your Guidance Counselor regarding procedures, scholarship, college information, etc.