SAP Mission Statement

  • Student academic performance is improved by good mental health. No one person is average and all students have obstacles they need to overcome. All students can confront, conquer or at least manage their problems. The Hatboro-Horsham High School Student Assistance Program provides ongoing encouragement and support for the academic and social/emotional well-being of the students in our buildings. 
    Hatboro Horsham's Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides support for students experiencing challenges with academic, behavioral and/or social and emotional well-being that may pose a barrier to school success. These services include helping to connect families to community resources. In addition to our district SAP team members, HH receives SAP funding through our community partnership with the Office of Montgomery County Office of Drug and Alcohol and The Montgomery Office of Mental Health. Through those funds, we partner with Merakey Montgomery County, Merakey SAP counselors work with students K-12 to offer prevention education and intervention services. Our SAP counselors offer psychoeducational groups and intervention support as recommended by the building-level SAP teams. 
    The SAP Program consists of a group of certified SAP trained teachers, administrators, and support staff trained to identify and assist students with barriers in the areas of:
    • Academics
    • Behavior
    • Attendance
    • Health 

    All of our SAP supports are voluntary. If you have questions about our programs, you can contact your school guidance counselor, administrator, or the K-12 Coordinator of Special Services.

    SAP Brochure

    SAP Flow Chart

  • Student Assistance Program Contact Information:

    Dawn Tucker, M.S.
    Coordinator of Special Services 

    High School SAP Office:
    215-420-5626 or 215-420-5640

    Keith Valley Assistance Team Office: