Stage Crew Information

  •  Welcome Back to Fall Crew


    The Crew Participation and Expectation sheet needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to our STAGE MANAGER.  Every crew member needs to complete a permission slip each year.
     Download, Print, Read and ask for a Parent/guardian Signature:  Parents/Students sign first page and turn in.  2nd Page keep at home for contact information and expectations.    
    Students who fail to obtain parent permission and fill out the Google Form will be restricted from participating in Stage Crew.  
    There are new equipment requirements to participate in Stage Crew.  Please read the details in the form.  An overview updates that students need to bring a PENCIL (not ball point, fountain, felt tip pen),   their own SAFETY GLASSES/GOGGLES,  and their own TAPE MEASURE (at least 15 ft or 3 meters).   These are minor investments in safety and craftsmenship.  If students take care of their own equipment,  there is no reason to believe that the safety glasses and tape measure should not last for many years.                             
    Fundraising information and documents.   All Cast & Crew are expected to raise funds to keep our program "alive."  
    All Crew needs to be prepared for set building and painting and clean up of the shop, stage, and house.  Wear/bring/change into clothes that can be painted and stained everyday.  NO FLIP-FLOPS. 


    Eligibility Awareness-  All grades must be kept high to participate in extracurricular activities (this includes building, rehearsals, and showdates).  Grades are collected Mon mornings. 
    We are working from 3:00 to 4:20 on Mon, Tues, and Thurs until rehearsals with cast begin.  During Tech and Show week,  call is normally at 5 PM and students are expected to stay through the show's run (curtain close usually 9:30-10:00 PM ).   Technical crew (lights and sound)  stay later to secure and repair equipment.
    Growing opportunities for leadership and responsibilities still continue.  If you would like to be in charge, Mr. Kunz  & Mrs. Stunder will be accepting applications for leadership positions. 
    Regular attendance helps determine which crew members work the show.  Currently there are more Crew than is needed to stay backstage.  "Cuts" will be determined near opening night if behavior is less than professional for our stage.