• Structure and Function
    1. Introduction
            Structure and Function PPT
    2. Hierarchy of Life
            a. Graphical Representation Activity:
                   - synthesize sources (use all levels among the sources and gather examples from each)
                   - develop the graphic
                   - add a specific example of each level / explain how it represents that level
            b. Resources: 1, 2, 3
            c. Grading Rubric
    3. Content Expert Group Work
            a. Form Topic Groups: Molecule, Macromolecule, Organelle, Cell, Anatomical, Ecological
            b. Decide on subtopic responsibilities then complete the Group / Subtopic Sign-ups 
            c. Collaboration Tool: Google Sites
            d. Working on Subtopics
                      1. Defining the scope of your topic (what it includes): Assignment
                      2. Create a coherent and organized representation of structure fits function for your subtopic.
                              - include URLs of ALL graphics
                      3. Content Page - Grading Rubric
                      4. Contributions and Collaboration
                                - Use this Grading Rubric
                                - Rate yourself and each group member - click here
            e. Sharing Subtopics in the Topic Group: Each Topic group member should clearly understand
                the connection of structure and function in each Subtopic.  A quiz will follow this activity to be certain
                each group member understands the 4-5 topics within their larger group.
    4. Museum Exhibit Examination, Preparation and Presentation
             a. Creating a Museum Exhibit PPT
                     - Handout Guide
                     - www.museumscapes.net
                     - Article: Modeling Information for 3D Space
             b. Exhibit Group Work / Preparation
                     - Exhibit Group Sign-Up
                     - Creating the Exhibit Components
                     - Submit a Specifications Sheet on GoogleSites
                     - Grading Rubric
             c. Exhibit Presentation
Last Modified on March 17, 2009