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    Partnership is one of the fastest growing clubs at H-H focused on the service learning oriented student. Currently, Partnership may take approximately 30 seniors from varying backgrounds, interests and skills to the Philadelphia area of Broad and Pine to complete a monthly service activity. The main goal of Partnership is to staff the Broad Street Ministry's "Breaking Bread" lunches, but it is not just the act of service that is important. Partnership seeks to broaden students' horizons, create socially responsible young adults and expand a child's knowledge of the world outside our familiar comfort zones. What is "Breaking Bread?"

    Breaking Bread is a weekly program designed to meet some of the most relevant needs of the homeless population in Philadelphia. A nutritious meal is prepared and served family style, and services will be offered on site that range from access to mental health workers to barbers to legal aid; this program reaches out to those who are often over looked and aims to provide them with necessities that are both tangible & relevant.

    This program succeeds on our availability to connect to services and service providers that can help our homeless neighbors take a step forward. If you have access to service providers in the areas of heathcare, nutrition, mental health, legal aid, job placement, etc. We would love the connection.

    This organization also wishes to promote new, healthy relationships and educational equity for all young people. Partnership hopes to build a yearly team with members dedicated to education and service. We celebrate open minds, open hearts, a strong work ethic, and the desire for self improvement. We believe that "a person never stands as tall as when he/ she bends to help another."
    In previous years, Partnership has worked on a variety of tasks. A literacy campaign, a woman's shelter, a Kensington outreach Mission, and a homelessness project are just a few examples. Partnership is also proud to lead a yearly clothing drive. During the holiday season, our students collect, fold, and deliver donated items to the direct donation shelter at The Broad Street Ministry. Our goal is to double our donation each year and continue to enlist support from the outside community. If you would like to know more about this club or the clothing drive, please call Mrs. Rory Pruess  at (215) 420- 5697.
    Applications for next year's Partnership are due by April 9th! See Mrs. Pruess for more details.

Partnership Advisor

  • Rory Pruess