1:1 Technology

  •  Hatboro-Horsham School District Technology Support
    • Help Desk Phone Number- 215-420-5600
      Hours- 7:30 AM- 3:30 PM | Monday - Friday (Except District Holidays)
      Email- support@hatboro-horsham.org

      We are excited to begin the 2020-21 school year as a fully 1:1 school district! This summer, students in grades 2-12 picked up their PC laptops for use this year. Students in grades K-1 recieved an iPad.

      Hatboro-Horsham School District is committed to equity. As part of that work, we are prepared to assist all families with the home internet access our students need for learning. Our solutions include sponsorships, hotspot access, and other information about low-cost access for families in need. If you need assistance with internet access for your child, please reach out to your school's guidance counselor for more information.

      Hatboro-Horsham's 1:1 Initiative aims to transform the way our students learn, empowering students and teachers through access to the best tools available for learning and creativity. We're moving to redesign learning to respond to the needs our workplaces demand in the 21st century, fostering students who have the mindset to be:

      • lifelong learners,
      • global citizens,
      • resilient,
      • purposeful and passionate,
      • divergent and innovative thinkers, 
      • and able to demonstrate academic mastery.

      In September 2017 our high school students were the first to be issued laptops as part of this multi-year initiative, and recently we began distributing laptops to incoming ninth graders and new students. Any high school student who has not received their laptop yet can get it when school opens! High School students and families, please visit the high school 1:1 page for more information!

      For 2019-20, students at Keith Valley Middle School received laptops as part of a building-wide 1:1 implementation. Check out KV's 1:1 page for more specifics. In elementary schools, all grade 5 students will again be issued laptops and we will expand the 1:1 initiative to grades 3 & 4 district-wide.

    • Common Sense Media

      Common sense Media provides families with a wealth of resources for learning about and evaluating internet sites, apps, and social media platforms, among other media. It's a great resource for when you're not sure about resources your children may want to use.

    • Digital Citizenship

      Our families are our partners in making our students safe and savvy internet users. As part of our technology education programs, HHSD students learn about "digital citizenship," or being responsible users of technology. These resources may help our families have conversations with their students about responsible use of technology at home.

    • Internet Essentials Program

      Comcast's Internet Essentials program provides low-cost home internet for qualified low-income families. For more information and application, use this link.

    • My School Bucks

      Use this link to submit the technology fee through My School Bucks. For 2017-18, only high school students will be required to pay this fee. Fees must be paid before laptops will be issued.

    • TicketLeap

      High School families only: Use this link to schedule an appointment to pick up your device. Fees must be paid and forms submitted before laptops will be issued - be sure to complete these prior to your appointment! 

    • Technology Fee Structure

      Technology Fee Structure

      This document describes the technology fee structure for our 1:1 program. For 2018-19, only high school students will be required to pay this fee.